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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Anchors and alterations

My oldest daughter is a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding this Saturday. Thankfully the chosen dress was inexpensive because they didn't have her size at JCPennys. She really needed a 2 but had to get a 6. She didn't really want to invest money in altering the dress so she asked if I would try. I hemmed it to mid-knee and then took in the zipperless side and the back seam. It turned out okay-not the best since this was a quick fix. I didn't take out seams, I just took them in quite a bit and tried to keep the original shape of the dress. I also finished my younger daughter's circle skirt for a 50"s Unit Celebration this Friday. It was minus a waistband and had no decoration. I made the anchor and then used embroidery floss to outline and make the twisted rope. Still have to connect the rope to the skirt, but that shouldn't take long. I am thinking about making her a tulle petticoat to fill it out. I bought 33 yards of 120 inch wide black netting from Fabric Mart for $15. I hope to make some tulle flowers with it as well for another project.
Here are the pics of the dynamic duo I couldn't get to post yesterday as well.

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