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Friday, January 7, 2011

Knitting is Now!

I was pilfering through some of the things on my sewing/scrapbooking/general craft table (and I wonder why it so quickly becomes cluttered?). I found a stash of knitting and crochet leaflets/magazines that a dear lady at church gave us about a year ago. I had just started knitting at the time and thought I was doing well to cast on by myself, so the materials were stashed. I found them yesterday and breezed through them-I have been rather occupied this week with tasks. I thought these two were so cute. The vest is crochet, but I love the title"Knitting is Now" on the other one. My favorite quote from the typed page above is, "Your new found knit-knack lets you work wardrobe witchery." That is good! There are several cute patterns inside that I would love to try. A more advanced belted cardigan in the back is super cute. Ah, one day I will climb to new heights in my knitting skills and whip these things out lickity split! Thought you might enjoy the pictures. I am off to let out the waist in my husband's suit pants so he can breathe at the wedding tomorrow and bake brownies for 200 wedding guests. Hope you have a productive day!

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