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Monday, January 10, 2011

Sweet Little Cakes

The wedding took place on Saturday evening and although I didn't see it, I heard it was very beautiful. I didn't see it because I offered to manage the food. My oldest daughter was a bridesmaid and my youngest helped with the punch. I also offered to make all the brownies for the wedding. They neither one like cake, so they did something a little less traditional and definitely cheaper! I had never tiered brownies before, so this was new to me. I also made some sweet little brownie cakes for decoration around the main tier. I decided to set up a cupcake tier with china cups as another way to serve the extras. It all came together pretty well. I was very thankful for the amazing way the sweet florist made a boring stack of brownies look very pretty.
China: Mikasa (white with silver rings)
Sugar pearls: Wilton (put on with tweezers mind you)
Pearl glue: I used a Wilton icing writer to give the pearls something to stick to

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  1. It was fabulous! I loved the tea cup display. What a sweet ministry that was to the new couple.