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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Well even though we have snow on the ground today, hubby had to go off to work. He was very generous in volunteering to mail my son's GSP application. It has to be post marked today. We were up until 1 AM finishing it (it is a labor intensive application). My husband has to write every week as part of being a pastor, but it is a slow process for him no matter what he writes. He just can't "spit" stuff out on paper. He thinks, he types, he erases! He is an excellent writer and I am thankful for his willingness to write a recommendation in the midst of all his other work. GSP is "Governor's Scholars Program." Many states have this program. If chosen, they go for 5 weeks during the summer to live at a college campus and go through classes in a chosen "track" like engineering or music. They also play sports and get to know other students. It allows for some scholarships to come his way if he gets to go as well. We will just wait and see. It is all in God's hands. Another wonderful tidbit of news is that our fireplace is functional!!! Hip,hip hooray! Hubby put the connection in last night while I was in town delivering one to a Bible study and getting milk. I came home and he started our first fire. All our smoke alarms started going off because of the painted pipe. It has to burn off the paint, which took an hour or so. So here we are with a roaring fire in the stove, 3 windows open with fans sucking air & smoke out of our house and the dog freaking out over the fire alarm-what a zoo! It just makes me laugh. This morning though all of that is gone and the house is sitting at 78 degrees-(almost too warm for me), the dog is cuddled up and the house is peaceful, warm and quiet! Love it. Life is like that. Sometimes all helter, skelter and then God brings a quiet peace. I am so thankful! I have a few things I will post a little later today. A few emails I received yesterday sent me to a couple of neat websites. I want to share those with you as well. That will also be my 200th post and I think I will be doing a GIVEAWAY-Yeah!

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