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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Progress, Progress, Progress?

It has been a busy week and weekend for me. We had school co-op this week and my son took his driver's test Friday and is now an officially licensed driver-Yeah! We went to Red Lobster Friday night to celebrate. I also stopped by Hancocks to pick up a couple of 1 yard pieces (not that I don't have gads at home-but hey any excuse to go visit a fabric store) of fabric to sew up a few nursing blankets for the Saturday baby shower. It was relatively easy to put one together, but the second one is still waiting to be started. I will post more detailed instructions this week. It just got to be too late and I was a little tired. I will definitely make more of these for gifts though. I am also posting pics of my Simplicity dress. It is hanging on Shirley (my husband named her) waiting for more attention as well. I have also finished cutting all of the squares plus some for the baby quilt I am starting for my sister-in-law. I have them laid out in the floor to see if I like the set up of the squares. Any feedback from you readers who quilt???? Any squares I should move around?
Well I hope those of you who attend church services tomorrow have a blessed day of worship!

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