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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pompadoodle scarves

I made 2 of these Pomp a Doodle scarves by Red Heart this weekend. They are super fast and super easy. We have a large group of ladies at our church that are going to start meeting to share talents and simple projects. This might be our first project because unlike "real" knitting you don't really have to worry about tension with this project. You simply knit 2 stitches in between each pom pom. The tension kind of works itself out. They are all polyester but very soft and fairly warm. They are cute, short projects. Each one only took about 3 hours to do. If you use a Micheals coupon they are only about $3-$4 each scarf. Thye would make nice gifts as well. I already gave my purple one to some little girls at church today!

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