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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More fireplace work and new dynamic duo!

This fireplace is a pretty consuming project. I will be glad when I can just sit and knit or sew in front of it! We did the grout work and have cleaned that off too many times to count.  Now comes the horrid sealer again. My husband would like for me to put it on before we leave the house for church today. Yuck-that smell! I hate to have to sleep with the windows open again, but as soon as it is dry we can place the insert-Yahoo!

On another note, I referred to a little journey my hubby and I made Sunday night.  I bought another sewing machine with cabinet and another serger.  I found them on Craigslist and the price was pretty good.  My hubby said you need another serger so you can keep dark thread in one and light thread in the other. Pretty supportive of my rather new found hobbies! So I brought the poor dirty things home and took them apart and cleaned and oiled them.  Rethreaded them both and they work great.  The only problems were a dull knife on the serger causing skipped stitches and my sewing machine won't run bobbins. My hubby says -no problem, we can fix that! When the fireplace is done I am sure he will look into it. Both of the machines are basically 90's Singer models. (trying to get pics in here, but the server isn't responding-will post them later)

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