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Monday, April 11, 2011


I just feel like this past week and weekend were a blur! I really love weeks that I get to stay home and not be on the run, but this was not one of them. Part of it was trying to finish my daughter's 4H project. Her friends were also trying to finish theirs, so we had many trips to the extension office to sew as a group. You can see in the picture that she is making great progress. All she has left now are buttonholes and sleeve hems. Friday, she and our 2 neighbors were going to sew, but the Homemaker's Bazaar was this weekend and they needed the room at the extension office. My house became the new sewing spot. Three girls sewing, cutting, serging-Yahoo! One was already done with her 4H project and she wanted to make a bubble skirt. We cut out a B5613 for her with the pleats. It is all pinned and ready to sew the pleats down. I love the dot material. I also found a cape pattern on Friday and have made a test one for the little girls at church. It has a yellow lining. I think I want to do pink ones for them with some sort of embroidery on the front.
Last but not least, I worked on my stones with the pieces I printed off on my laser printer. I really like these. They will look so much better when I print them off evenly. These were just scraps of paper. I have several other ideas in mind for this and I will probably try them this week.
Sunday was worship service and a short sitting in the shade under our big maple tree before heading out to small group. I fixed 2 chicken pot pies-yummy! We talked about "How to know that God loves me personally." I can look at my children, be in wonder at how our bodies work and we stay healthy, be thankful for friends who pray for me, read and understand how God sent His Son to die on the cross for my sins and know that His Spirit is within me and be humbled by His grace and mercy toward His children. That is all pretty personal to me. Have a great Monday!

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