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Friday, April 15, 2011

GSP news

I posted back in Nov/Dec about the long application process for GSP (Governor's Scholar Program) and how it would be a really great opportunity for my son to go. Well we received a letter yesterday letting us know that he was ACCEPTED! So sometime between June 19-26 he will leave to stay on one of five KY college campuses for 5 weeks. I already miss him! If your state has a governor's scholar program, it is definitely worth looking into.


  1. Pass our congratulations on to him!!! Woohooo! Our voice teacher called and said one of her other students was notified for GSA with a 'no' letter. Alexis hasn't received anything yet. Postmark date was April 15... Monday?! Her Daddy egged her on by saying maybe they sent out the 'no's' early?!

  2. My cousin did GSP and attended Centre College for her program (though she ended up going to Transylvania for her undergrad). She's in her late 30s now and still says it was one of the best experiences of her life.