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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Margaret Smith -Gardiner Maine

I posted a while back that I had made a trip with my husband to Hebron KY which is very close to Cincinnati Ohio. I managed to find Casablanca Vintage and they were in the middle of remodeling. It was hard to see everything they had, but I spotted this cute handbag and carried it around with me the whole time. I asked, "How much?"and the sales clerk said $20. I was thinking that seemed a little high to me, but I really like this cute floral handbag. It was in perfect condition and the little twist clasp worked, so I bought it. Recently I noticed it has a tag in it that says Margaret Smith, Gardiner Maine. I googled it and she is evidently a pretty collectible gal. She started making colorful beach totes in the 1940's. Some have labeled her as the "vintage Kate Spade," but I just like the cute little handbag. There are quite a few on ebay and etsy that are selling for $40 or $50. I guess I got myself a pretty good deal!

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