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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The eyelet skirt

My daughter ripped this page out of an April 2011 magazine because it had a cute pleated skirt on it. That is why I just made the Butterick pleated skirt pattern for her. I noticed that it also had an eyelet skirt that was $158-(you got to be kidding me right)? My mom gave me a bunch of her stash fabric last year when we went on the quilt retreat and I remembered there was some eyelet in it. I simply left the fabric doubled so that it would have its own slip and then put in a double elastic waist like the one in the picture. I used 3/4 inch elastic. The border meant no hemming-Yahoo! It turned out really cute and the cost was less than $1. That is much better than $158! It needs to be washed to soften it up and then I will decide if it needs to be pressed.

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