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Saturday, April 16, 2011

These just make you want to scrub the tub!

Tea Rose Home had a great little tutorial on how to make a boring set of rubber gloves into cute lady like cleaning attire. I have seen similar things for sale and they aren't particularly cheap. Mygloves were $1 and my half yard of material was $1.50 and that will make a bunch of these. You do have to use vinyl or oilcloth material because they will get wet. Also, don't forget to angle the cut to accommodate your arm and elbow. If you make a straight cut, they will end of being more like rubber evening gloves-who needs those? You want to be able to move in them. You can also find cute flannel backed vinyl table cloths that are fairly cheap. I found a really cute teal blue with white polka dots for $3.99 and it is 60X84. My machine didn't really like the rubber gloves. The opening is small and even using the free arm was impossible. I think I might sew these by hand or on my serger in the future. Anyway, they look cute and would make a great housewarming or wedding gift.

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  1. I have always liked these!! I had a friend who made them about 10 years ago... I thought about liquid stitch? Wonder if that would work.. just do 1/2 at a time and put under a book to weigh it down while it dries. Maybe??