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Friday, April 1, 2011

No Foolin' Vintage Pattern & Jewelry Giveaway!

Even though it is April Fools Day, I am not foolin' when I say that I am trying to clean out my patterns. I have twelve patterns and 4 sets of vintage(clipon) earrings to giveaway. All patterns have all pieces. The envelopes are questionable, but the back area that gives fabric and notion requirements is fine on all of them. So you have a chance to win one of these! Here's the scoop on how to enter.
For one chance: leave a comment including an email where I can let you know if you've won
For another chance: You can follow my blog (make sure you post that you are following as an additional comment-if you already follow you can post that you follow as well)
The giveaway is open to US readers due to shipping costs. It will stay open until April 8th and then I will use a random number generator to pick 16 winners!
So here's the loot:
Butterick 6042 size 12 Bust 34(70's?)
Simplicity 5854 size 12 Bust 34 (1973)
McCalls 5214 Girls 12 bust 30 (1976)
Simplicity 5854 size 16 Bust 38 (1973)
Simplicity 9361 size 16 Bust 38 (1971)
Butterick 4681 size 12 Bust 34 (60's-70's?)
Simplicity 8314 size 18 & 20 (1977)
Simplicity 9519 size 12 Bust 34 (1971)
Butterick 5215 size 12 Bust 34 (late 60's?)
Simplicity 8051 girls size 12 Bust 27 (1977)
McCalls 2697 girls size 12 Bust 30 (1970)
Simplicity 5688 girls size 8 Bust 27(1982)
The four pairs of earrings are shown in the pictures above. They are in pretty good shape. May need a little TLC. All clasps work.


  1. Hi - guess I'm the first one to take a chance.

  2. Cute stuff!!! Can you just e-mail my Mom if I win anything?
    Rachael PIscatello

  3. Wow, love that jewelry! My email is

  4. Oh, and I am now following your blog!

  5. I like pattern 9519 Simplicity! And the strawberry earrings!

  6. hi andrea- i just followed you:)i love butterick 6042 and butterick 4681!

  7. i am following your blog now:) i love the butterick patterns!

  8. The first set of earrings are perfect.

  9. I am also following your blog now.

  10. Great giveaway! I'd love to be entered for all of the adult sewing patterns with the exception of Simplicity 9519, which I already have. Please don't enter me for the vintage earrings, as I don't wear earrings any longer, and also please don't enter me for the girls sewing patterns. Thanks so much for the chance to win! pe_mayfield(at)yahoo(dot)com

  11. Sweet! I love the strawberries. (the other ones are fun too)
    That bow on Butterick 4681! Man, to wear that. haha, Totally love it!

  12. (achristinesearl [at] gmail [dot] com)

    I'm followin'!

  13. Love the patterns!


  14. and I'm following too :)

  15. Hi there. I just became a follower. This is a fantastic giveaway! Love the earrings and the patterns. I am in love with S9361 and B6042.

  16. A package of this stuff would be like Christmas!

  17. Yay pretties! auroraceleste(at)gmail(dot)com

  18. And I usually follow you through the LJ feed, but I google followed you for the contest too :D

  19. Good luck spring cleaning! That's for sharing the wealth!

  20. I also follow your blog on google reader!

  21. Love the vintage jewelry, especially the first set of earrings. Thanks for the chance.

    sewingwithtrudy at yahoo dot com

  22. I love those vintage earrings! Great giveaway, thanks for including me.

  23. Lovely patterns,