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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

60's gourd skirt

Unfortunately, my husband's nanny passed away New Year's of 2009. We have spent some time there going through her things and now her house has a sale contract on it. When we were going through her attic, we found about 60-80 patterns from the 1940's-1970's. I have had so much fun going through them. I found a cute six panel skirt with an elastic waist that I have made several times now. I did have one problem with my first one. I made it for my twelve year old and she loves that it twirls when she spins (she is very girly). She was wearing it to church on a Wednesday night and all of a sudden the seam just started to bust open. I thought maybe she pulled it on something, but I realized that it was the use of rayon thread in a cotton jersey garment! I love shiny rayon thread almost as much as I love fabric. It does not hold up well in a knit garment. NOTE TO SELF! Oh well, we have repaired and since then sewn some more of these skirts. I just love vintage and retro and homemade!

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