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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sewing Machine Skirt

I was browsing around the other day and saw a tutorial on a sewing machine skirt. Hers was quilted and I can't find it anymore. Hate wasting so much time looking and looking, but wanted to find it. Nope, just not happening. Well I ended up making a rather easy version for mine. It is great for keeping my scissors, measuring tape, hem gauge, etc. right in front of me, but not in the way! I used two rectangles of fabric. They were both scraps. I measured the width of my machine and made the rectangles 3 inches wider. The cream one, I just narrow hemmed all the way around. I folded the teal rectangle in half and then sewed it to the cream one on three sides. This left the top open. I then stitched in two lines from the top of the teal to the bottom to create pockets. Lift your machine and slide under so that the pockets are at the edge of your sewing table. Voila!

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