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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Simplicity 2599

I am also working on View D of this pattern in synthetic! Wow those things are slippery. It is funny how every sewing book basically says "Leave this to the professionals, mam" and scares you to death. I have sort of successfully cut out my pieces and that was pretty difficult. I can see where using a rotary blade would be good. I have sewn the loop closure for the back and managed to get darts in the front. I also have the ruffles ready to pin. So far- So Good. I am planning to use my serger for as much as I can. I reset the tension (yay me) for the synthetic material and it works great. I had more trouble setting my sewing machine. Hopefully it will still resemble a sweet flowing blouse and not a connect the dots activity when I am done!

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