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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Feeling the SERGE!

I LOVE MY HOBBYLOCK! I have used it all day today. I fixed a polo for my son-the seam had come loose in the shoulder. My 18 year old daughter bought a shirt a long time ago and would not wear it because it was too A-line for her taste. I do think we revert back to A-lines from childhood when our hips get to big to look cute in our pants and skirts. I am just saying that is where I am today! Anyway, I narrowed the shirt for her. She says she will wear it now. Then I decided to put a jacket together using my new toy. I used the short jacket pattern from Chic and Simple sewing that you can find here I made it with a minty lime green fabric that is sort of seersuckerish--Is that a word?--It almost sounds foul. My lovely son asked me why I was making a jacket out of a disposable table cloth--funny! I will post pics tomorrow. It went really quick using that serger. I can see me using that sweet little tool all the time.

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