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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Butterick Blues

Well my 12 year old decided that she wanted to sew today-(daughter)Yippee! She chose pattern 2625 from Butterick (50's/60's)-(daughter)Yay! She had to iron her lovely fabric of choice-(daughter)Groan! She had to fight with 3 yards of material and get things pinned down and then I told her she had to make sure the pieces were on the grain-(daughter)I Don't Want To Sew Anymore! I finished measuring, pinning and cutting the pattern out. I love all things sewing right now. Well this adds another vintage project to my to do list. I am sure it will be "Quick and Easy". Did I mention that I have to rip the side seam out of the Simplicity dress? The side seams did not quite match up, so I am in the process of fixing it. Then I can sew that little zipper in and hem that one up!-WooHoo! I put the pics of the pattern in with her fabric choice. It is the M'Liss Fabric line that Hancock Fabrics carries.

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  1. I noticed that the pattern said "Quick and Easy" I don't think they are telling the truth? Making a dress has never been quick and easy for me!
    Sandra M.
    FBC Concord Quilter