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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

4H Year 3 sewing

My daughter becomes rather ambitious each year sewing class comes around. The first year she did elastic waist gauchos and last year a cute pencil skirt with a pleat. Last year's skills were a waistband and zipper. Her skirt won several awards. This year she has to do buttonholes. She has chosen a Project Runway pattern that is really cute and will make a great Easter dress. It has a zipper so she will have to tackle that skill again which is good. It has a neckband, piping (which I have never done), armhole facings and a keyhole cutout in the front. We shall see if the machine survives her wrath when everything doesn't work the first time. I should learn some new skills along the way too. Last night as I was reading through her pattern I realized the buttons are just decorative-no buttonholes-HA! We are going to be doing the buttonholes on the overlap anyway. That's hilarious. She serged all of her pieces yesterday, which gives her a head start on the next class. There are only 3 sergers and 10 girls. This way she will be ready to sew. She is using a "dry clean only" linen look material from Hancocks. I will try to post her progress.

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