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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Big Week

Photo from Colette patterns website
We have had quite a bit of snow around here, which suits me fine because I get to stay put in my cozy little house.I was glad the weather didn't keep the UPS man away though. My new sewing machine came yesterday-WooHoo!!!!!! I decided to sell my "newly acquired" Singer and a Euro-Pro 80 Stitch that I have. I am hoping to get atleast $60-$70 out of the pair. I made a little spending cash from doing the food for the wedding and I decided to use it on a machine that has all the bells & whistles I want. I ordered the Singer Stylist 7258. I read A LOT of reviews before purchasing a machine. I wanted to definitely stay under $200-because let's face it, if it can't do what I want for $200-then I don't guess I need it-HA! This machine has a top drop in -see through bobbin-that means I can see how much thread is left on my bobbin at all times. It has the option for needle up or down which I definitely wanted. It has 100 stitches that are digitally programmed. It came with 8-that's right-8 presser feet. It has an LED light-so I can see much better and it doesn't get hot. It can stitch without a pedal-not sure when that would come in handy-but you never know. It has auto tie off function-(backstiching at the beginning and end of stitching). It has an auto threader. It is quiet-(love!!!) It only weighs about 19 pounds, but it is sturdy enough that it does not shake while sewing. It has a speed control right on the front, which is great for Katy, who likes to go slow. All in all, I love it so far. Yes, I have already been sewing on it. I had to alter a dress for a neighbor's daughter for this weekend and I am making these cute bloomers from Colette patterns. They were a free download a while back. Their patterns are so easy to follow. Oh well, so now I can be more efficient in my sewing. I won't have to roll back and forth between machines to do different aspects of my projects-Yahoo! I will hopefully be inspired to sew more often!

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