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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Skirts and shirts

Well Sunday I was quite sick and did nothing but iron my husband's shirts for the week. Monday I was feeling better (probably actually resting when sick does worlds of good). I haven't really been out of the house since Friday. I love it that way! I am stalled on my suede skirt because I need a 7 inch zipper. Plan to get that today while in town. I started another project yesterday though. It is a 1967 Simplicity pattern and so far all I have is a top. I managed to get it cut out of a thinner piece of patterned polyester given to me by a friend at church. It isn't the best color for me, but it is bright enough that it doesn't make my skin look green. Greens tend to have that effect on me. I got all the darts done yesterday and made the collar and attached it. So now I am to the zipper on it too. I have enough of the material to make a knee length skirt to go with it. Do you think that would just be too much??? If anything I can wear the top and skirt seperately. The pattern is very easy and if I like the style on me, I might make a few more in different materials.

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