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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sashiko Embroidery

My right wrist is obviously still sore from knitting projects I guess, so I decided to set that aside and work on some Sashiko embroidery. Requires a little different motion of my hand. This is also in my Martha Stewart Craft book. Several different patterns to print and use. It is a simple running stitch, but you have to try to make them all the same size. I love the cool effects the patterns have once you get several on your fabric. This is a butter cream linen with red floss. Not sure what I will do with it, but I have an idea that requires some research on decoupage. Tomorrow night is our ladies night out and we are all making pomp a doodle scarves-FUN! Hopefully my wrist will feel better.


  1. Hey Andrea,
    I love it! I'm interested in what you are going to do with it that requires decoupage. Hmmmm...Still knitting away on my socks and trying to finish up a flannel rag quilt. Hopefully I can get it done before Spring!

  2. It is prettier than pretty! Will make something really neat... Would love to have a summer skirt like that! You might consider a smaller hoop. It might be easier to keep going around with and less stress on your other wrist! Have fun with your scarves - wish I could join you!

  3. Looks nice, I hope your wrist gets better love to see more.