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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mama's Got A Brand New Car-not really

I have never really been too worried about the vehicle I drive as long as it is dependable! My husband loves cars, loves buying cars that need to be fixed, and loves fussing about having to fix them! He is so sweet and really good at working on them. We have had a lot of cars!! What am I saying-we HAVE a lot of cars! I owned a silver Volvo wagon for about a year or so and it was the first car that I really got attached to. We were trying to get ahead financially last year, so when Nanny died we bought her 1994 Nissan Altima that only had 44,000 miles on it and we sold the Volvo to some friends (who also have Volvo love). My husband has since bought himself a Volvo S60 that of course needed work, but it drives great. The other night he came home from work and said he saw a Volvo V70 wagon for sale in Lexington. High miles, good price. Oh well, we called and the guy was a Christian and he and my husband started talking and he was interested in taking the Altima as a trade. SO-long story short, we drove to Lexington and ended up trading cars and now I have another Volvo V70 wagon. It is ash gold and has the third row seat as well--my other one didn't. Not that any of my granddaddy long-leg children could sit in it-hee hee. It does have a few things that of course need to be worked on, but that is the only way we buy cars. I haven't driven it yet, but I am looking forward to it! We didn't end up getting home until about 2:30 am. We do some of the weirdest things-I tell you-just weird!

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