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Friday, December 3, 2010

The Girl with the Blue Dress

I have been doing some school, some work on my son's highschool transcript, some house cleaning and now a little sewing. My blue/turquoise dress is definitely looking a little more wearable after the 30 minutes or so I spent on it. I sewed the neck down-didn't use the facings because of major bulk issues. I decided against the stand up collar for the same bulk reason, but also to allow me to wear it with tissue weight turtlenecks or sweaters under it. I also sewed up the side seams and sewed one of the pockets up. I have just pinned the pocket in place as well as the silver buttons. What do you think? Obviously needs hemming. I am going to cut off quite a bit. I tried it on and it looks a bit dowdy at this long length on my 5'2 frame. I am thinking the knee. There will be a fourth button on the front and then another pocket with a button. I will try it on to place the pockets so that my hips don't make them flip out-that would be tragic! I like the fit of the dress though, comfortably snug but not tight. Hopefully the weekend will provide me with some sewing/knitting time.
I am hoping I don't have to scrub rocks with comet and a toothbrush over the weekend. Scrub rocks with a toothbrush you say? How odd! Yes I did say it and have been doing it as well. We are still working on our fireplace insert area of the house and my hubby has decided we need to use rock from our very own creek-(sentimental & affordable). Quite a laborious task for him and my son to dig them out and push them all up the hill in a wheelbarrow though.The problem is this rock is quite gross. Due to the dry spell, it is covered in algae and moss and dirt. That all has to go before it can be attached to a vertical concrete wall. So we are scrubbing them all with a toothbrush. I know you wish you could participate in the weird antics with my family, but alas you cannot.

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