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Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Knitting Books

I have a church friend who began a sock class last night and I am unable to take it with her-so sad! The fee was $20 which I suppose is reasonable for a 3 session class. I have been perusing most of the knitting books at Barnes and Noble and just didn't want to spend $20 or more on a "How to Knit Socks" type book. I found several that had multiple knitting projects, like hats, scarves, socks etc., but they are all expensive and didn't have really clear instructions (obviously they don't understand how much of a beginner I am). I really want the book to ask me questions like, "Andrea did you understand that or do you want me to show you again?" or "Andrea watch me do this one more time so that you don't screw that heel flap up!" So yesterday I decided that I would spend the $20 I would have spent on the class on knitting books. That's right-I said books-plural. I looked on which is a wonderful place to buy used books. I found a sock book and a knitters handbook by Readers Digest. The Readers Digest sewing handbook is very nice and has many great pictures to help you with each step. I was able to look at it in Barnes and Noble. I figure the knitter's handbook will be similar. I purchased the books for $6.99 total. The rest was shipping. I still only spent $15 and I will soon have 2 new knitting books and hopefully a cool pair of socks to boot!

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