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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Simplicity 2411

I have finished my blue dress except for the pocket flaps with buttons.  I sewed the 4 front buttons on this weekend.  I need to press it out a little, but I like the way it turned out.  Once I sew the pockets on I will take some pictures.  I am moving on to the next project though.  Simplicity 2411 is a baic skirt pattern I am going to use for my 13yo daughter's denim skirt.  It is a light to medium weight denim and feels like it will be easy to work with.  She wants it right at her knee so she can wear boots with it. It is so hard to find age appropriate clothing for young ladies.  Everything is ripped, tattered and SHORT! I want her to look feminine and stylish not hot and bothered. It is just ridiculous to me the fashion trends for young girls. There is certainly no feminine mystique when everything they have is revealed! Oh well I will now get off my soap box and move on to my sewing machine.  I have to cut the pattern out today.  My daughter is babysitting for 3 toddlers today, so I am going to be her tag team partner.  I want her to do most of the work-she is the one getting paid, but 3 toddlers can be a handful.  They are part of our sweet church family and their moms are getting some final Christmas shopping done today. Have a great day!

On another note:  I have quite a large handful of patterns I plan to giveaway soon.  Will post pictures and info this week for the giveaway. By the way-SewMamaSew is having another one of their giveaway days. If you have some spare time to scroll through the hundreds of posts and register-you should!

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