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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Knitted cowl

I have just recently started knitting a cowl. I am using a Paton acrylic/wool mixed yarn in a charcoal grey. It has little bits of colored yarn throughout that I really like. I looked at many cowl patterns on and also at Most of them were fairly simple, just a long process of going round and round with that many stitches. My son wonders why I would spend so much time knitting something that in his opinion is "weird". Boys! I cast on 115 stitches and I am just knitting 4 rows then purling 4 rows. I do notice my hands cramping a bit if I work on this too long in one sitting. I will just chalk it up to technique, not that I am older and probably have beginning signs of arthritis. I sometimes feel like the knitting actress in the old Aspercreme commercial-ha ha! This pic is from the first night. I have added another 8-10 rows now. Will post more pics as I progress. I like having a knitting project to work on while sitting with my family. I can do it and still talk and spend time with them. When I sew, I feel so challenged by the steps and new instructions that I have to really focus on the sewing. It is very relaxing for me when I can devote the time to it. How about you? Does knitting or sewing relax or stress you out?

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