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Monday, December 27, 2010

Knitting needle case give away and my Fear of Commitment Cowl

I spent quite a bit of my day working on paper work for my son's governor's scholar application.  I finally quit all that and worked on a new knitting /crochet needle case.  I seem to have needles all over the place and that is just ridiculous.  We inherited quite a few from nanny and have bought our fair share as well.  I have all different kinds and sizes. I wanted something that atleast appeared organized, but was pretty as well.  I bought this remnant indoor/outdoor decor fabric for $1 a yard last year.  I think it is so pretty.  It is heavier and that was perfect for this case that will see a lot of pushing and pulling.  I basically created a big pocket and added an aditional pocket at the bottom.  It works! I can also roll it up to store it.  I made a second one this evening, but haven't sewn the long seams yet.  Maybe someone who needs one could sew their own "made to fit" seams in. Let me know if you could use one of these in the comments and  I will choose one reader and send my second one your way!

On to my next project: Fear of Commitment Cowl
I love this project so far.  It is all seeded rib stitch and the yarn is absolutely gorgeous and great to work with.  I bought it from a Yarn or a Tale.  It is kettle dyed merino wool/ alpaca/ silk. I got 275 yards for a steal.  I will definitely buy from them again.  I can't wait to finish it, but my shoulder and neck are not appreciating all the knitting I have been doing lately.  Sewing has given it a bit of a break.

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  1. What a cute case! I had just given up the needle storing dilemma to a vase and asked the girls to put them all in that! We kept loosing the pair... You did a wonderful job on your case and I know it will save many a headache.

    Your cowl yarn is just as amazing as you said. Can't wait to feel it! I think that it will be simply gorgeous. Prop your elbows up to help your neck...
    Missed you last evening - hope everyone is improved today! Hugs!