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Friday, December 10, 2010

Knitting progress

I am still working on my Martha Stewart neck scarf.  I really haven't taught myself anything but knitting and purling, so this increase and decrease thing is quite new. Shaping scares me a bit. I did learn how to use a cable needle for my scarf, but this process is a little different.  I am at the end of making the little hole for the end of the scarf to slide through.  This yarn is way too bulky, so it is making the knitting a bit difficult.  I can see why they said sport weight.  Hopefully it will still be a wearable project. 
On another note, I have made a little progress on my straight knit stitch Fishermans wool scarf.  I call this my car project.  I leave it in there and anytime I have a few minutes or 30 while I am waiting on a child to be done with something-(choir, Bible study, school, etc) I knit a few rows.  One day it will be finished and every time I wear it I can think back to all the activities I knit into it.  My kids are growing too fast. My son will be driving at the end of this month and my oldest now has her driving privileges back after a 3 month doctor imposed "no drive" period. I will not be the taxi service for much longer. 

I am still waiting to receive my merino silk yarn for my cowl. Hopefully I can work on that over Christmas.

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  1. You're doing great! I actually saved that neck scarf project to do one day! Great minds think alike...
    Still LOVE your knitting on your FWScarf. It is so even and neat. Keep on...