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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A few little pages

I was a bit frustrated last night about the yellow dress. My daughter is so thin, that this tiny size 6 is just too big for her up top. The skirt area looks pretty good, but the top and waist area are too "poofy" she says. I need a meatier kid! I decided to move on to the scrapbook pages I needed to finish for the baby. This is really a fun idea. Making a useable scrapbook at the baby shower. It was only lacking 3 pages and I finished 2 last night. I have included some of the pages the other ladies made as well.
On another note, I think I will have to start pinning the tissue patterns to my daughter before I ever start sewing garments for her. Then I can adjust areas that are too big.

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  1. That is what I always do -- well, not pin together, but pin them on her with a tank top : D I'd be afraid of ripping them if I just pin them together. I has really helped me!

    You are so talented! Sorry about the dress not fitting well - hold it for a year and see what happens!