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Friday, March 18, 2011

How about a RicRac rose?

I was intrigued by Grosgrain's post last night-Ricrac Roses. I ended up going to the website she had posted which is They have a simple tutorial to follow and some great information on ricrac. I had just about the right length of some smaller pink polyester ricrac, so I tried it out. I found that it is difficult to keep the polyester type from kinking on you as you weave it. I decided to pin it down to my ironing board as I went. The only other negative I am experiencing is rolling it tight enough to make it look right. I think the big difference is COTTON. I just think it would lay nicer. This is the small ricrac I am using and the finished rose is about 1 inch across. I will take some more pics once I get it sewn and looking right.

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