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Monday, March 7, 2011

Mad about Plaid

I sewed on the make shift ruffle to my plaid dress tonight and I have a few booboos to correct. I still haven't hemmed the dress, but I did try it on. Hmmmm! It is way too large in the upper body and a bit snug in the hips (this is why everyone says make a muslin). This plaid material was free so it will serve as a muslin. I really don't like the neckline and this material is too thick to do the bow. I think it looks kinda cute knotted at the shoulder. The dress does look better belted, but not "better" enough to wear it out in public before some major fixing takes place. Actually it looks better on Shirley than it does me. I hate pictures because they show every bulge and imperfection. This is why we jump on the treadmill every morning, but obviously I need a lot more walking! Not sure if this sheath pattern is worth the effort. I think something more fitted would look nicer. I like learning which patterns don't look good on me because then I can steer clear of them from now on. On another note I ordered new knives for my Singer 14U34 serger last week and they came today. I replaced them and that thing just purrs like a kitten while cutting off the excess material. I will thread it with black and have white on my Pfaff. So cool having 2 sergers. It will make sewing projects go much faster.

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