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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Long weekend, little sewing

My hubby was off Friday and we spent most of the day and weekend outdoors. We trimmed our apple trees (probably a bit too late), chipped and shredded all the trimmings into mulch, dug out a beaver dam in our creek so our field would drain and many other miscellaneous tasks. Sunday was church pretty much all day and our homeschool co-op group met Monday instead of our typical Thursday. All that to say, that I haven't done much sewing. I have started on the Project Runway dress we had originally cut out for my daughter's 4H project. I have finished applying most of the store bought piping and it really isn't hard to do. I love the effect and will use it on other projects now. I also got the bodice and straps started on the yellow seersucker dress for the same daughter. This material came from and was only $1.74 a yard! It is going together pretty easily. She did have her sewing class Friday and made great progress on her jacket. Saturday she did all of her topstitching and it looks great! This week we are taking a spring break and I have lofty goals for sewing projects-Lord willing. I want to finish the Runway dress and the yellow dress. I would love to get my Vogue pattern done as well. I will just have to take it one step at a time.

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