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Monday, March 7, 2011

Hot Tea For Me Please

I love the fact that cold weather makes you want to just snuggle up and drink something warm. It is funny that I drink coffee every morning even during the summer, but it is rare that I drink hot tea after fall and winter are over. I might share an occasional cup with my hubby, but not too often. We bought this little silver teapot when we went to Scotland many years ago. It makes GREAT tea. We both love Lady Grey and Earl Grey the best. I also like Tazo Black tea and their Calm tea which is a blend of rosehip and chamomile. Very smooth! Do you drink hot tea? Are you a fruit tea or green tea or no tea kinda person?
Sadly the beautiful cup in the picture is now broken. It came from Scotland as well. We bought 2, but 1 broke years ago. I drank a cup of coffee Sunday before leaving for small group and left the empty cup on a side table in the living room. Our little Yorkie knocked it off and it is in the trash (the cup not the Yorkie!). BooHoo!

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