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Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday! Monday!

Well my weekend was rather full. I sort of thought it would be a little slower, but Saturday brought a lovely wedding shower for a sweet new bride to be, grocery shopping and a quick stop in at Hancocks to breeze through the $1 Butterick patterns. I did find out the Simplicity patterns will be $1.99 this weekend and I am planning on picking up some of the new Lisette patterns. You can go here to look at all the cute patterns by Lisette. Then home and housework. I also made 2 quiches-one for us and one for a family in our church with a new baby ( I will post the quiche recipe today). I used my awesome grill pan and cooked a bunch of chicken breasts with Mrs. Dash table blend-Love! I made a big pot of rice cooked with chicken broth instead of water and added broccoli and a little parmesean cheese. Then I managed to get my second little girl dress sewn up. All I am lacking now are the button holes. I am using some vintage buttons from Nanny's stash on both.
Sunday is always church which I am thankful for! Being the pastor's family usually means leaving a little later. We then trekked over to Sam's Club to get a new tire on my Volvo. It had a very ugly bulge coming out of the side. Did a little produce shopping there and had lunch with most of my family. Picked up my husband's new glasses and headed home without hubby. He had 2 extra church member stops to make before small group. Back out for small groups and home by 8:30 pm. Pretty full days and no reading with hot tea in hand this weekend.
So today, Monday, started off with a bang! Exercise on the treadmill, a little coffee, laundry & ironing, school planning for the week and some quiche to make it all better.  How about you? Do you exercise in the morning or evening? Do you have a laundry day or does it just seem to go on all the time (like in my house)?
I think routines bring comfort and definitely make me feel more organized. I am less likely to forget things if they are part of a regular schedule. Looking forward to reading Proverbs with my kids this morning. Part of our morning schedule-Scripture everyday-oh how I need it!

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  1. Hey Andrea,

    I'm an evening treadmill person these days...and my laundry is a continuous chore! I do have a daily "load limit" that I must do in order to stay on top of it.."Two loads per day".