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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wring your little neck-band!

It takes a lot to get me frustrated while sewing. I really don't mind ripping things out and I usually stay calm and peaceful while sewing. Usually! This Simplicity 2927 has a neckband that I just had so much trouble figuring out. I'm sure to even moderately talented people, the instructions would have been clear, but it took 4 times to get this neckband on right. I would just stare at the instructions and then at the dress and it wouldn't click. I looked for tutorials on neckbands and there aren't any for this type. If you need to know how to sew a Tshirt neckband or sew on a neckband to something you have knitted then you are in luck, but no help for 2927 users. I might just do a tutorial myself! I finally got it to work last night and I have to sew the facing on the second one. Wow-will I ever make this pattern again???? It really depends on how cute my 13 year old looks in it and if she loves it!

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